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Monday, December 12, 2011

Shay Michaels - Bound Jock

Shay Michaels is on Bound Jocks in his bright red soccer kit, and he's straining against the blue ropes that bind his wrists to his thighs. Coach Bob Hager walks in and gags the enraged jock with blue tape. Coach Hager drops Michaels to the matt and slowly pulls his captive’s shorts down enraging him even more. After rimming his victim’s juicy hole, Hager walks around to Michaels’ face, removes the gag and make the athlete suck his hard cock till he blows!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gavin Waters - Bound Jocks

On a  cold steel table Gavin Waters is tied face down in a white jock strap. His hands are bound above his head and he squirms till he is able to get up on his knees. His rock hard cock strains against the white jock to get free. After an eternity of struggling, he’s finally able to reach his dick and offer it some sweet relief on the table below him. Check him out on Bound Jocks.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Hazed Jock Assault

It was just another team hazing of a rookie player, left bound and gagged in the locker room after practice, as had been done with so many other new players. But something went horribly wrong when his teammates left. A mysterious masked man entered the room and took advantage of the muscular stud's vulnerability, started
to fondle him, then began to rip and tear his uniform from his body as the player struggled to free himself.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mickael David In Public

Mickael David is photographed in public by Ben. They spend the afternoon ducking into dark alleys while Mickael shows his jockstrap framed ass. Occasionally, they'd get caught by kitchen staff and run off. Otherwise, they got a lot of good shots of this guys bum hanging out. He had a good trip down under. Check out the photos below and more at Bentley Race

Monday, November 28, 2011

Spencer Reed Ties Up Nate Karlton On Bound Jocks

This week, uber God and dom leather man, Spencer Reed, shows up to tie up Nate Karlton in some football gear. I guess they only have one uniform because Spencer wears the football pants and a mesh top, while Nate gets the shoulder padding and the jock. Once Spencer has Nate nice and tied up, he gets to play with him. He teases, beats, and sucks Nate's cock, causing the buffed up dude to struggle against his restraints. Spencer finally pulls out his cock and the fun continues. See more Bound Jocks.


Friday, November 25, 2011

James Huntsman In Soccer Gear

Hot stud James Huntsman does a scene at Next Door Male in some soccer gear and a jock. He's got his blue, Adidas knee socks, black umbro shorts, and white jockstrap. Mmmm. The shorts don't stay on for long, thankfully. He quickly sheds them and we get to see him in the jock and socks as he shows off and plays with his cock. He manages to work with the soccer ball too and shoots out a hot, sticky load. 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brent Bound and Banged - Bentley Race

Brent Tyler is back at Bentley Race for his first hardcore fucking scene, but he wasn't expecting one so rough! He's tied up in his jockstrap and wife beater, and gagged by Marco Pirelli. The beefy stud forces his big tool down the bound boys throat without much protest. He loves the way it feels sliding down his throat. Marco bends Brent over the railing and shoves his cock in that jockstrapped ass!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ryan Geary In His Jock - Bentley Race

Ryan Geary is a cute young red head who found Bentley Race. After having some coffee, the young ginger wants to strip down and do a photo shop. Bentley is unable to resist so they go back to his place. Young Ryan tries on his first jockstrap ever. He thinks it feels weird to have his ass hanging out, but he likes it. And we like the way his ass looks framed in it. Check out more of this sporty young lad. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

No Defense Against Cock - Next Door Buddies

Aaron Blake is learning some self-defense techniques from Ty Roderick. Aaron has the punching and kicking down, but needs more work with the hand-to-hand combat on the mat. They two studs wrestle around and Aaron ends up in some very sexual subversive positions. He and Ty both begin to get turned on from all the touching and rubbing their bodies are experiencing. Ty soon gets Aaron on his back with Ty's crotch in his face. Aaron doesn't need any more encouragement. He pulls out Ty's cock and these Next Door Buddies are in their jocks and start to have some fun


Jake Randel - Tennis Jock

Jake Randel is a sexy and wild top who plays tennis. He's bottomed a number of times on Bentley Race before his topping skills were put to use. Here he shows off that sexy little aussie bum of his, perfectly framed in that sexy white jock strap, before heading to his tennis match. He loves to get rough and drill a boy, and damn, can he handle his racket! If you love a man in knee high socks and a jockstrap framed ass, then you'll enjoy these photos.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ballz-Out Jockstrap

Ryan Russell and Adam Stray model this new jockstrap from Good Devil. It's called Ballz-Out, because, well, your balls hang out! They're 25% off at Jockstrap Central until Nov. 20. Check out the pix of the hot guys modeling it. 


Monday, November 14, 2011

Ryan Russell In Harness Thong

Not really a jockstrap, but close, it's a thong and harness combo, and it's hot! Ryan Russell channels Spartacus and shows off this sexy new item. It's from Male Power and part of their fun studded fetish collection at Jockstrap Central. You get that hot leather look without spending all that money! There's three different kinds - The Warrior, The Gladiator and The Tormentor, and they all have a pouched thong bottom with three unique harness attachments. 

They all have a stretchy nylon and spandex pouch to accommodate that imminent expansion of your package. They also have decorative metal rings, studs, harness and a thong back.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Marc Dylan, Football Stud - Bound Jocks


Marc Dylan, the sexy porn newcomer, has been doing a lot of work lately. This week, he's at Bound Jocks and gets tied up wearing some hot football gear. Those shiny tight pants, blue knee-length socks, bulky shoulder pads, and the ever important helmet. He's tied up by rope master, Knotty Brent, then he abuses the helpless jock. Brent shoves his cock through the helmet and forces Marc to suck it. Brent barely loosens him up enough to cum at the end while they both stroke their hot cocks. This scene is totally hot. I love a man in football gear. It's definitely my fantasy of tying up that hot quarterback you lusted after in school, tying him down, and having your way with him. Yum!

TJ In HIs Jock - Bentley Race

TJ is a sexy college boy in Melbourne that plays on a lot of teams. He's your typical jock and loves to be active. That's how he keeps he lean, toned body. He showed up to Bentley Race looking like a tennis player, so he stripped down to his jock and they snapped away. Check out that sexy, hairy ass beautifully framed by the elastic of his white jock. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Convincing the Coach Pt 2

After being kick out of the game and sent home and told not to "relieve any tension" from the coach, Devin returns the next day, just as coach has ordered. He's cooled off, and now it's time to show the coach just how bad he wants to stay on the team and how committed he is to making it number one. Coach is rubbing his crotch has he says this, so Devin knows exactly what he needs to do. He drops down to his knees and starts licking Coach Matt's cock through the jockstrap at first, getting it nice and wet. Then he pulls the pouch aside and hungrily works the entire shaft down his throat. He wants to stay on the team bad! Coach returns the favor before licking his backside and filling it with that beefy dick, making Devin cry out, "Drill my hole!"


Bulge Enhancing Fill-It Jockstraps

Jockstrap Central has Intymen's best selling package boosting jock in two new stylish colors - red and blue. In case you missed them the first time around, these very sexy jocks from Intymen feature a pouch designed to maximize your bulge. The inner panel has a built in cock ring to put your boys through so it can rest flush against your body while providing lift. An outer pouch cradles your balls and attaches minimally to the bottom of the inner panel for a wonderful free-swinging feeling.

Convincing the Coach Pt 1

Devin is a hot headed, sexy athlete and probably the best at his school. After getting kicked out of another game, he goes to the locker room and expresses his anger. He takes off his clothes and hits some lockers. He looks really hot in just his jockstrap when the coach comes in. His coach, Matt Cole, yells at him. He's about to be benched unless he controls himself. Devin is due back in Coach's office tomorrow to clean up and prove that he wants to be part of the team. What's gonna happen? Find out at Drill My Hole.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jock Boys Hunter and Rocky On Club Jeremy Hall

Hunter and Rocky were spending the night at Jeremy Hall's place, but they couldn't wait to get their hands all over each other. Jeremy found the two jock boys on the coach going at it, so he busted out his camera and started rolling. Rocky has some fingerless gloves on and Hunter's got a donkey dick. They play in their jockstraps, baseball cap, and sporty clothes. First they swap blow jobs before Rocky starts eating and spitting on Hunter's hole to prepare it for penetration. It's unfortunate that Hunter doesn't put that monster cock to good use, but it's still a hot scene with these two cute jocks and Hunter totally loves riding Rocky. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dirty Jock Boy Dustin

Our first amateur submission comes from Dustin. This furry stud with his shaved head and Nasty Pig jock got his camera out for me and sent over these hot photos! Dustin lives in LA, is 5'5" and verse little cub. I think he needs to send a couple more rear photos, how about you guys? Do you want to see more of Dustin? Let's see what else we can get him to do in future photos. Sound off in the comments. And if you want to submit your own photos them email me. And bonus points if you write DIRTY JOCK across your chest or ass.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Butch Bad Boy Brock

Butch bad boy Chad Brock is looking good in his black jockstrap. This silver daddy with his Mohawk is a real hairy man whose nipples are hard-wired to his cock. In this scene from Butch Dixon, Jake Mitchel fulls this jock butt with his cock. Their manly, hairy bodies rub together until there's an explosion of jizz of magnum proportions. Jake's pierced tool rocks Chad's world, sending shivers down his spine. 


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bound Daddy Jock

Nate Karlton is a sexy, daddy jock. Here he's been tied up at Bound Jocks and he flops around, struggling against his tight restraints. His cock even pokes out of his tight, little shorts. His muscular body is tied to a workout bunch, hogtied, and roped up. What do you think of this scruffy daddy jock? 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sexy Bound Boxer

A masked man has tied up this sexy boxer in his head gear and jockstrap. He struggles to get free, but his captor returns with a leather paddle to spank that sweetly framed jock ass of this Straight Man In Trouble

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Canadian Jock Jayden Tyler on Randy Blue

This is Jayden Tyler. He's a sexy boy in a jockstrap and jerking off at Randy Blue. Dirty blond hair, gray eyes, and chin-strap beard give complete his hot look. What do you think? I love how the jock frames his smooth, beautiful ass. Really makes you wanna dive in and start lapping his hole. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hot Jocks - Spencer and Riley

After a sweaty game of basketball, hot jocks Riley Burke and Spencer Reed talk about how Spencer can make the team. Riley is the captain, and has a way to ensure Spencer's place on the team. They strip down to their jocks in the locker room, then take their conversation into the shower. That's where Riley makes his move. Poor Spencer never bottoms, but if he wants on the team he's going to have to take Riley's big cock inside him. He's just lucky the entire team isn't there to initiate him. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soccer Jock Daigle

Steven Daigle has to get his ass to soccer practice with the boys next door, and needs to get his uniform on. He puts on his jock first, but he's a horny bastard and it turns him on. He can't help but to touch himself and start playing with his ball. He manages to get his socks on, but that just get's him worked up even more! 

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