Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Convincing the Coach Pt 2

After being kick out of the game and sent home and told not to "relieve any tension" from the coach, Devin returns the next day, just as coach has ordered. He's cooled off, and now it's time to show the coach just how bad he wants to stay on the team and how committed he is to making it number one. Coach is rubbing his crotch has he says this, so Devin knows exactly what he needs to do. He drops down to his knees and starts licking Coach Matt's cock through the jockstrap at first, getting it nice and wet. Then he pulls the pouch aside and hungrily works the entire shaft down his throat. He wants to stay on the team bad! Coach returns the favor before licking his backside and filling it with that beefy dick, making Devin cry out, "Drill my hole!"


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