Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jake Genesis and Jimmy Roman in Jockstraps

Sexy porn newcomer, Jake Genesis shows off his jockstrap-framed ass in this video from Cocksure Men where he fucks Jimmy Roman. They start out with a hot make-out session in their tight little jocks. I love watching guys in jockstraps kiss deeply and for a long time. Jimmy starts kissing his way down until he pulls out little Jake.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Jockstrapped Massage Leads to Sex

George Glass has had a long and stressful week and his muscles are sore. He needs a nice relaxing massage so he calls up Caleb Colton on Dirty Tony. George lays on his stomach, and Caleb straddles his ass and starts to rub those tired muscles. George's ass needs rubbing too. He was smart enough to wear a jockstrap, turning Caleb on. He rubs George's glutes and can't keep from diving his tongue deep into that hole. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two Black Studs Take a White Boy's Jockstrapped Ass

Cody Kyler loves him some big black dick and wants some for his birthday! Luckily for him, he met two chocolate studs by the names of Mr. Saukei and Tyson. They convince Cody to go back to their place so they can tap his sweet white-boy ass. When he gets there, they strip him down to his jockstrap and start to open up his hole. Tyson is a hot thug boy and he gives it to Colby good - really slaying that ass. The boys tag team Colby's jockstrapped ass. He's the creme filling in an oreo sandwich as he sucks one black stud as he's fucked by the other on Mix It Up Boy.

Monday, November 12, 2012

William Tudor Rugby Twink Jock

William Tudor is an Australian lad with a twink build and a big uncut cock. Since there's not much of a porn scene in Australia, a lot of the boys end up on Bentley Race to show off their stuff. Since the boys there are almost always in jocks and sports gear, William put on his best rugby kit and started posing for the photos. His sexy bubble butt filled out his white jockstrap very nicely and got Ben's cock throbbing. It was long before Bentley joined in on the fun and made a video with this 26 year old stud where the two swapped head and William sprayed an enormous load all over Bentley Race. What a lucky man.

Monday, November 5, 2012

JR Bronson Searches for Dirty Jockstraps

JR Bronson is a dirty little pig boy. He's online chatting to Landon Conrad and mentions that he's looking for what he's always looking for - a dirty jockstrap to sniff and suck on. He's into sweat, smelly feet, and domination! He's about to get all that he's asked for in t his scene from Drill My Hole.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gingers' Jockstrap Fuck

Two red-headed sluts go at it in their jockstraps on Men Over 30. Steven Ponce and Brian Bonds are celebrating their new apartment by drinking some champagne. The two gingers start making out, then strip down to their skivvies. Steven starts licking over the pouch of Brian's jockstrap, getting Brian rock hard.  He moves it to the side and takes the cock down to it's fiery base. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dirk Caber Punishes Player Dean Monroe

After he caused the team to lose the game last week, Coach Dirk Caber warned Dean Monroe that there would be consequences if he didn't step up his game. Well, Dean fucked up again and coach knew it was time to teach him that lesson. After the game, Dean was told to stick around. Once the locker room was empty, Dirk ripped into Dean and stripped him of his uniform. Dean tried to fight off his coach, but Dirk was too strong. He grabbed Dean from behind and tied him up, dragging him to a weight bench in nothing but his jockstrap on Bound Jocks

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Muscle Daddy Duke Michaels

Duke Michaels is a muscle daddy with a shaved head and tattoos on his arms. This buff daddy starts out in his A&F sweats, but is soon pulling them down and showing us his white Safe-T-Guard jockstrap. He teases us and shows off that sexy ass framed in the white straps. He slides his hand into the athletic supporter and his tool stiffens. He works it to full erection and slides down the jock and giving his an eyeful. The boys over at Bentley Race can't resist this solid stud and give daddy a hot cock sucking and Duke Michaels returns the favor. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

French Rugby Stud Tom Ecochard

French rugby superstar, Tom Ecochard, plays hard and looks super sexy doing it. Here are some pix of the wavy-haired beauty on and off the field. Rugger Bugger also got their hands on this real hot jock stud with his pants down and his ass totally exposed. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

British Hunk in Jockstrap

Brandon Jones is hot, fit hunk with a girthy, uncut cock and firm ass  that's beautifully framed by his red and black jockstrap. He oils up his hard body to show off every cut of his muscles. He shows off his muscular body and flexes in his jockstrap. He takes his fat cock in his hand and jerks himself off and he fingers his smooth ass until he fires off thick loads of his creamy spunk all over his washboard abs in this scene from Hard Brit Lads.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fucking in Jockstraps and Dress Socks

In this scene from Next Door Buddies, Connor Maguire is called into boss Johnny Torque's office. In these tough economic times, Johnny feels that he has to downsize, and, unfortunately, that means he has to give Connor the boot. He's not really good at what he does anyway. There is one job Connor is really good at that might convince Johnny to keep him - a blow job!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Harry Louis Drenched in his Speedo

Damn! Harry Louis is quite the sexy mother fucker! Here he is posing in an Aussie Bum speedo. His body just pops and he's got hair in just the right places. And he sure does manage to fill out that speedo so damn well. Just wait until he turns on the water and soaks himself down. He pulls down his briefs and shows us his amazing ass. He lowers the front and teases us with a glimpse of his super thick dick. Pulling it down further, we get to see more of the monster on Bentley Race

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tibor Wolfe Spit Roasted and DP-ed in His Jockstrap

The Titan Men are strong, muscle studs, who play aggressively. They're hairy, muscular and HOT! They can take anything. In this scene from In Deep, Tibor Wolfe takes the large cocks of blond stud Christopher Daniels and sexy daddy David Anthony. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

English Rugby Star Ben Cohen in his Underwear

Who doesn't love rugby sensation Ben Cohen? This real jock looks good in and out of his uniform! Sometimes he's sporting a sexy beard and sometimes he's smooth. Either way, I'd love to sniff his jockstrap. Here's some sexy photos of the athlete in his gear and half-naked in his underwear courtesy of Rugger Bugger

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Trent Locke Gets Fucked in Yellow Jockstrap by Tim Kelly

In this scene from the latest Colt Studios (50% off membership until 10/8/12) film Fur Mountain, the young, fuzzy Trent Locke gets his jockstrap-wearing ass busted by furry daddy Tim Kelly. The hairy hunks have sex outside on the patio. To start out, Trent is on his knees in his yellow jockstrap worshiping that fat daddy-cock as Tim Kelly kicks back. 

Bodybuilding Jockstrap Hunk Dan Darlington

Dan Darlington is a fucking hot piece of ass! This body building stud shows off his body and his jockstrap-framed ass on Randy Blue before stripping down and jerking off his big cock. He's got dark blond hair and some sexy scruff going on. His arms are massive and his legs are like tree trunks. There's a chart behind him indicating all the muscles of the human body, can you name all the ones that bulge off of this bisexual stud? It's only fitting that he jerks off in the gym and dumps his load all over the floor. Dibs on licking it up!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Derek Parker Pounded in his Jockstrap by Adam Champ

Derek Parker and Adam Champ meet in a hot lip-lock that only two aggressive, hairy studs can share. Derek is wearing a hard hat and tool belt, while Adam sports a leather jacket and jeans when they meet. They're soon stripped free of the cumbersome clothing and wearing just boots and a smile, and Derek wears his white jockstrap on Raging Stallion.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jockstrap Central Fall Sale

Now you can get ready for fall and have a hot new jockstrap for every Jockstrap Friday! Save on that sexy new ass-less singlet from Cellblock 13 and find other brands like Baskit, Nasty Pig, Go Softwear, Male Power, Papi, and the ever popular Bike jocks at Jockstrap Central. Want to be featured on this blog? Send me your hot photos and I'll post them here. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blake Daniels Ties Up a Jockstrapped Dominic Pacifico

Get 50% of Bound Jocks October 5 - 8, 2012!

Blake Daniels, the sexy stud in the singlet, gets his hands on Dominic Pacifico this week on Bound Jocks. Dominic is looking very cute with his new buzzed head paired with the always bearded face. His body looks hot in that orange football jockstrap framing is Latin buns. Blake gets the famous DJ Pornstar on the cold, steel table, and ties his ass down.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jockstrap Orgy

Alpha Male Fuckers has dropped the "Fuckers" but is still full of hot alpha males. Spencer Reed leads this orgy with Adam Killian, Dominic Pacifico, Aitor Crash, Damian Boss, Valentin Alsina, and Billy Bavel. Jockstraps abound as these guys suck and fuck in this partner swapping sex fest. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Get Fucked in Your Wrestling Singlet Jock

Wow, so fucking hot! What's better than an ass-less singlet, especially for a wrestling lover? Cellblock 13 has created another awesome piece of clothing for the dirty jock boy. Imagine rolling around with some hot, muscle stud wearing this thing, and once you're pinned down there's no need to take it off. You're ass is fully exposed already, up in the air, waiting for that stud to slide his cock deep within you.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bareback Jockstrap Fuck

Trevor Snow is in the middle of a blow job from Dominik Ryder and he finger's the muscle hunks jock-strapped ass. After a hot make out, Trevor deemed him worthy of sucking his cock. Dominik sucked Trevor's cock for all it was worth, sufficiently lubing it up and spitting on it so his ass could take it with ease. Trevor then flips Dominik over so he can shove his tongue deep inside the hole, wetting it in preparation. The soothing sensation relaxed the bottom and his hole opened for Trevor to point his raw cock at. The boys of Treasure Island Media are real, raw, and rough. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

College Boy Jockstrap Fuck

After a little game of tag football, Ashton and Dawson are the last college jocks in the locker room. With the rest of their friends gone, Dawson can't help but flirt with Ashton. The game was rough, so Dawson provides Ashton with one of his famous foot rubs. It's amazing, and Ashton loves it. What's even better is when his toes start disappearing into Dawson's mouth. Ashton's cock starts to respond. Ashton takes off his tank top, and Dawson starts kissing his chest. Soon, their tongues are deep inside each other's mouths and they are stripping down to their jockstraps on Corbin Fisher.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tattooed Hairy Daddies in Jockstraps

If you like beefy, hairy daddies with tattoos decorating their solid frames, then Butch Dixon is where to find them. And this week, they are fucking in jockstraps - which I know you love as much as I do if you are here...Wait, are you hear? Someone say something? I'd like to hear your comments, opinions, insights, snarky-bitch remarks, etc. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hot Jock Of The Day - Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper from Randy Blue in his hot Aussie Bum jockstrap framing his cute little ass with a cane tattoo on it. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Three-Balled Basketball Player Gets Fucked in Jockstrap

Nikko Alexander, who is now known as Chris Tyler, is in the locker room after the game, about to have a relaxing shower in his jockstrap, when Christian Wilde comes in and his ticked off. Tri-ball was supposed to pass the ball to him, not go for a three pointer!  Now they lost the game, and Christian is pissed. They practice the play for weeks! What kind of nickname does Nikko have if he can't even hit a three pointer? In the midst of their argument, Nikko reveals that his nickname has nothing to do with basketball - he has three testicles! That really fills out his jockstrap on Hot Jocks, Nice Cocks

Hot Jock Of The Day

This smart young man in his jockstrap and soccer socks is properly dressed for a good and proper ass fucking. His socks should be pulled up, and he will get a spanking as punishment, but at least they are on. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hot Jock Of The Day - Brad Barnes

Jocks In Detention Fuck to Pass the Time

Andrew Blue and Kody Valentine Fuck in Jockstraps

We all know that jocks aren't the smartest people in the world, thankfully they're usually pretty to look at. Andrew Blue and Kody Valentine are Hot Jocks with Nice Cocks that have failed their English and Math tests, respectively, causing them to be suspended from their soccer game and sent to detention. They agree to help each other in the subject they're struggling in. Then Andrew shows he isn't a complete idiot and comes up with a way for them to help each other pass the time. He shows Kody how by kissing him.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Speedo Boys Fuck By The Pool

If the Olympics made you as horny for hot boys in speedos as they have me, then you're in luck! The boys of High Octane have this incredibly hot scene for you to enjoy. Julian Vincenzo and Rod Stevens have been swimming plenty of laps, now it's time to relax and have some fun. Julian takes a breather and sits on the ledge of the pool. Rod swims up to him and starts rubbing him. No words need to be spoken, they've done it before, and they'll do this again. It's part of the swimmer's training program. A hot, poolside fuck with swimmer's in Speedos.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Straight Boy Barebacked in his Jockstrap

Travis Cooper is a young, straight boy barebacking his way into the porn biz. In order to hit the big leagues, he knows he has to get with the program and start taking some cock up the butt. So, SD Boy got him bend over and take his first dick. Thankfully, this blond, scruffy boy was smart enough to do that in a jockstrap. For that, we thank you. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jon Saunders in Nike Sportswear

Jon Saunders is a sexy, blond breeder. He's appeared on a few of the European sites, notably English Lads where he's jerked off and shoved a dildo up his arse. Here, he gets all jocked up in a tight Nike sleeveless shirt, shorts, and workout gloves. He's ready to pump so iron at Picture This Studios

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paddy O'Brian Tied Up In His Jockstrap

The gorgeous UK straight boy, Paddy O'Brian, is an international sensation who started with just solo scenes. He gradually increased to get blow jobs, then finally started fucking guys and doesn't show signs of slowing down. He's even crossing over into the world of kink. He wore some leather and rubber for a scene on UK Naked Men, now he's tied up in a jockstrap on Bound Jocks, and I couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Antonio Manero the Italian Stallion Jockstrap Lover

Antonio Manero was recently discovered by Jake Jaxson of Cocky Boys. He's an Italian twink boy with a serious underwear and jockstrap fetish. He brought all of his sexiest pairs with him for the video and has some stories to tell. He's a total bottom boy that loves getting fucked in a jockstrap. He loves getting fucked period, but if a pair of underwear has any sort of hole or slit in the back, you can bet he'll be wearing them as a hot cock slides in and out of his boy-hole. 

Wrestling Jocks Play in Singlets

Rick McCoy is back at Next Door Buddies to wrestle his buddy Tyler Torro. Both straight hunks put on their tight, spandex/Lycra singlets and hit the mat. Ginger boy McCoy is in the blue and tattooed Tyler in the red. Their hard muscles flex and pop as they struggle to take the other down. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

In the Dungeon with Troy Daniels and Spencer Reed

Spencer Reed sits in his leather jockstrap and harness. He lights up his cigarette and takes a puff. He's relaxing after just having busted Randall O'Reilly's hole. But there's no rest for a Hole Buster in the Club Inferno Dungeon. One of my new favorite porn hotties, Troy Daniels, makes his presence known and isn't going to let Spencer rest. He has a hungry hole and Master Spencer is going to fill it. Spencer puts his cigarette out on Troy's boot, and orders him to his knees.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympic Judo Champion Ashley McKenzie Naked Ass

This hot and sexy Olympian from the London 2012 games was caught naked at a weigh-in. Someone snapped a picture of his sexy ass and now it's posted on Rugger Bugger. There's also these hot pictures of him in action. Ashley McKenzie is judo master who has won the British Open and a World Cup winner.  Unfortunately, he can't say he's an Olympic medal winner for the UK. 

Chris Tyler and Ryan Evans Wrestle in Jockstraps

Chris Tyler and Ryan Evans run into each other in the locker room, and like best frenemies they start hurling insults at each other. Ryan, the bigger, muscular one brags about beating Chris the last time they wrestled, and makes fun of Chris for sucking dick. Well, them's fightin' words, and the rematch is on at Str8 To Gay.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Red Jock v. Blue Jock

It's red jock v. blue jock in this hot scene from Bentley Race and neither one comes off! For ginger Nick Savage's first porn shoot, he paired up with his buddy Ryan Anderson. The two boys immediately start having some fun. They strip down to their jockstraps and get to making out. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Jockstrap by Jack Adams - Ranger X

Hot, beefy muscle daddy, Chris shows us his stuff in this new jockstrap from Jack Adams called Ranger X. Kind of makes him sound like a superhero. With that hard body, Chris can surely fill out some tights as nicely as he can fill out this jockstrap. 

Troy Daniels and Tate Ryder Get Down in Jockstraps

It starts with a kiss. Two lips pressing against each other, and a spark is ignited. One kiss leads to two, and soon, Troy Daniels and Tate Ryder are making out in their jockstraps in this scene from Hot House's latest film Kiss, Lick, Suck, Fuck - straight and to the point. Troy Daniels is one gorgeous hunk. I would be kissing him in my jockstrap all day. Let's not forget that they are also wearing over-the-calf socks with the three ring stripes around the top, and we have a hot outfit made for fucking!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baseball Jocks in the Locker Room

Here's a little vintage porn scene recently showcased on Sex Gaymes. Two hot baseball players are benched and sent to the locker room for the rest of the game. I'm not sure what position the play on the field, but in here they practice their pitching and catching. One of the jocks goes down on the other. He starts licking the guy's cock over the jockstrap. He's not wearing a cup, that may be why he was benched. Full-on cock sucking soon is underway.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Levi Hamil - Black Dancer in his Jock

Levi Hamil is a sexy, chocolate dancer from DC. He's got that long, lean dancer's body, and something else that's long. Tightly packaged in that Timoteo jockstrap is a massive piece of meat. He poses for the camera, and shows us what he's packing on Bentley Race. Along with the jock, he puts on a pair of white soccer socks for that extra athletic look. Once he pulls the pouch to the side, out falls that Hershey bar. He pumps it up to full-mast to give us the full effect of that tool. Check out all the hot photos after the jump. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Sexiest Swimmer Nathan Adrian Wins 100m Freestyle

The super hot swimmer, Nathan Adrian won Olympic Gold today in the 100m freestyle by just 1/100th of a second. If you're like me, you think this tall, toned jock with the infectious smile is the hottest on the US Swim Team, though, there are many. He just beats them out by 1/100th of a hotness point. Maybe 2/100ths. Either way, here's some photos of him after his greatest race of the 2012 London Olympics and some other sexy photos of him. Too bad they don't wear those tiny Speedos to swim anymore. Enjoy!

Troy Daniels' Pack Attack

It's time for another hot bottom to get used and abused by 5 macho men. Pack Attack from Hot House is back with it's 7th installment, and Troy Daniels is the lucky pig bottom. Troy gets delivered to our tank top wearing rough studs, and they're happy with their purchase. Like little kids on Christmas Day, they take their town out of it's wrapping and start to play with it. They get Troy on all fours, with his legs spread wide, ass framed by the yellow jockstrap, and begin their inspection.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tony's Dick Can't Stay in a Jock

Tony De Luca isn't playing any sports in this scene from Bentley Race, but he sure is swinging around a huge bat! That weapon of ass destruction can't be contained by that diesel jockstrap of his. He pulls the pouch to the side and look at out! Watch him wave it around, jerk it, and then Bentley suck it.

Hairy Construction Workers Overtime

Mmm, nice! Bearded stud, Trent Locke is in his blue jockstrap (my favorite color) and a pair of construction boots. He's just begging to be fucked going to work like that! Okay, so that's not exactly how he started his work day, but it's good that he wore his jock to work this particular day at Hairy Boyz

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jimmy Clay Fucked In His Jock and Socks

Here's some hot jockstrap sex for you courtesy of Next Door Buddies. Bradley Hudson and Jimmy Clay  meet in the locker room all geared up. You know sports are always making guys horny, and locker rooms are full of that sweaty man odor and testosterone; so that only increases the pheromones. Seeing another guy in his Adidas soccer socks and his jockstrap peaking above his nylon shorts gets the blood flowing even more. 
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