Friday, January 27, 2012


From now until Wednesday, February 1st (midnight EST) if your product total is $40 or more, Jockstrap Central will throw in a free jockstrap. While supplies last, the free jockstrap will be one of their Omtex or Wolf Athletic Supporters (If they run out, you'll still get a free jock, just not one of those.) On the last step of your checkout (the invoice page) you'll be asked to choose your size and color preference.

Both Omtex and Wolf jockstraps are phenomenal and since launching them on their website a few years ago, they've become one of our best sellers for Jockstrap Central. Guys love them whether it's for support during sports, or simply as everyday underwear.


Check out this crazy new jockstrap and boxer brief set from Male Power. It's called the Fishbowl. Can you guess why? That's right, this jock has a see-thru front pouch so everyone can see your junk. The back of the boxer briefs also have a see-thru area. It's supposed to be like you're looking in an aquarium. Look closely and you can see little fish swimming around and a diver next to a chest of gold. It's made out of plastic, so I'm not sure exactly how comfortable it would be. I'm sure some of you are exhibitionist enough to try this out. Maybe at home with your lover or something? Would you wear these? Will you get a pair of the Fishbowl jockstrap? Get them at Jockstrap Central.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jessie Jordan Captured and Bound by Cameron Marshall

Jessie Jordan is a limber gymnast that is captured by tough jock Cameron Marshall in this scene from Bound Jocks.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hayden Michaels and Alex Andrews On Bound Jocks

Hayden Michaels is tied to a weight bench in only his underwear. The red rope wrapped around his sexy body, spreading his knees wide apart, and his mouth gagged. He's helpless, and Alex Andrews likes it that way. Alex walks in wearing his jock, and quickly takes advantage of the situation. He works Hayden's cock out from his underwear and starts loudly slurping on that big cock. Alex teases and torments Hayden before ungagging him and forcing his cock down the Bound Jock's throat. That's just the start! Don't forget, you can use promo code: DIRTYJOCK for 20% off.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rugby Jock Initiation

Think sports initiations are just a thing of fantasies? Well check out photos from this real video of a Rugby player's initiation. This new player is ordered to strip down to just his socks and run naked in public. The camera man runs alongside him telling him to keep his hands in the air (and wave them like he just don't care) so his cock and balls show fully. And check out that sweet ass! Real jocks do it best!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Latin Sub Jock Fuck

Roko is a hot Latino sub boy in a leather vest and yellow jockstrap. Roko gets used by Macanao Torres and Rafa Madrid in this scene. Roko is pissed on and sucks off both top men. He can't get enough. Roko is even in a cage when both men blow him. One fucks him through the cage too. Then they shove toys up his ass and spit roast him, providing a grand show. 

Maverick Men Fuck Black Guy In Jock

The Maverick Men - Cole and Hunter - are always out meeting boys and video taping their fuck sessions. This time they found this black stud in a jockstrap. His car gave him trouble on the way to the hotel, so Cole and Hunter surprised him at the gas station he was at. They hop in his car and drive around looking for a place to fuck. When they found an abandoned building that smells like piss and sex, they just know they have to fuck there, and that's what they do. They take turns ramming their raw dicks in this black stud, who keeps the jock on throughout the fucking. They pull out and blast their nut on his ass. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Soccer Player Stripped and Fondled

Charlie is a fast rising soccer player at Mancastle United. His bosses are worried that an injury might take him out. They quickly strip this athlete down and give him an unheard of, crazy new treatment to ensure he's kept around and well. They oil him down first, covering his tight ass and swinging cock. People come and go as the poor guy just stands there naked and they all have clothes on, but he takes it all in stride. He's used to it and knows he's in good hands with the doctor, even when they stick a swab in his piss hole

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bojan Krkic Exposed

Sexy, Spanish soccer player Bojan Krkic. This 21 year old has been shooting up the ranks of the sports world in the past few years. With his sweet smile and smooth, hard muscular body, he’s a sight to see running down the field shirtless. Here's a few sexy photos of the hot lad.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Football Jock Brad Barnes

New jock boy, Brad Barnes, shows off his jockstrap on Randy Blue.

Real Guy Roundup

Here are some real guys who have posted pix of themselves in their jockstraps or in some sports gear. And one random model shot.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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