Friday, January 27, 2012


Check out this crazy new jockstrap and boxer brief set from Male Power. It's called the Fishbowl. Can you guess why? That's right, this jock has a see-thru front pouch so everyone can see your junk. The back of the boxer briefs also have a see-thru area. It's supposed to be like you're looking in an aquarium. Look closely and you can see little fish swimming around and a diver next to a chest of gold. It's made out of plastic, so I'm not sure exactly how comfortable it would be. I'm sure some of you are exhibitionist enough to try this out. Maybe at home with your lover or something? Would you wear these? Will you get a pair of the Fishbowl jockstrap? Get them at Jockstrap Central.

Get the Fishbowl at Jockstrap Central.

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