Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baseball Jocks Have Sex

Aitor Crash and Damien Rios have hot sex in their baseball gear and jocks on Fetish Force.

Their baseball uniforms aren't standard issue MLB attire, it's more like the gay man's fetishized type, and damn it's hot! Aitor Crash has on some pleather type baseball pants and Damian Rios has a zipper running down the backside for easy access. Aitor slides a baseball bat between the boys cheeks. The two hot fuckers passionately kiss and Damian goes down on Aitor, inhaling his hot cock. They strip down to their jockstraps and red under armour socks.

Aitor devours Damian's ass for a while, opening it up with his tongue before he put his own baseball bat inside of it. The two fuck in their jockstraps, socks, and baseball caps for a good amount of time. Damian even wears his shin guards for a good gear sex scene! I loved watching this scene. The baseball boys even flip so Damian can pitch to Aitor. 

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