Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jan Peters In Jockstrap On Bentley Race

Jan Peters in his jockstrap and knee-length socks on Bentley Race.

Jan Peters is a 25 yo Latvian prince, according to Bentley Race. A prince who likes to get pounded by guys who are on vacation and want to photograph him in his SafeTGuard jockstrap and knee-length socks. There is nothing wrong with this, of course. And who can blame Ben? He was traveling throughout Europe, taking pix of hot boys in every city. He was bound to fuck one or all of them. You'd get horny too with a hot guy in a jock, bent over, exposing his ass for you. Unfortunately, Jan's jockstrap was removed before Ben started eating out his sweet ass to prepare it for his cock invasion, but Jan did keep those sexy soccer socks on as his knees where brought into his chest and Ben fucked him hard. See more of Jan Peters on Bentley Race and watch him shoot his load all over his six-pack. 

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