Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cavin Knight Wears His Jock to Work

Cavin Knight wears his jockstrap to work so he can get some play time in at the office on Men At Play.


Business man, Cavin Knight, likes to wear a jockstrap to work - who doesn't?! He loves the way it feels as he's in a meeting with his boss and other co-workers and they have no idea of the kinky things going on underneath that suit and tie. It's a dirty, hot secret that gets him aroused. If these guys knew what he was wearing, what would they do? Would they be turned on? Would they bend up over and fuck him? These are the fantasies that play in his mind at work. So, during his lunch hour, he locks himself in his off, strips off the suit, and pulls out the dildo from his bottom drawer. Cavin can't help but think about his boss catching him and taking the dildos place between his jockstrap-framed cheeks. Imaging that big, hot boss cock working him over his desk helps him work out a fresh load. He lays on his desk satisfied and smiling.

Watch Cavin Knight's hot solo scene as he goes from suit to jockstrap on Men At Play.

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