Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shay Michaels Bound and Used by Daddy Brian Davilla

Shay Michaels is tied to the mat in his Nasty Pig Jockstrap and sport socks. His legs wrapped over a metal bar, and his hole exposed for anyone to come use! He struggles against those blue ropes, but he's not going anywhere! Lucky for him, the one to find him vulnerable like this is his hot daddy of a boyfriend, Brian Davilla. Brian comes in and immediately starts french kissing and groping his bound jock boy. Brian strips down to his yellow sport socks from Nasty Pig and forces his cock into Shay's bearded mouth.

That sweet, jock-hole just begs for something to fill it. Daddy Brian can't resist the call and slides a finger or two in it first. He loosens up his subs ass just enough before lubing up his hard cock, and ramming it in. Yeah, that's right boy, take daddy's fat cock. Feels good doesn't it? When Brian pulls out, he dumps his load all over his boys face. 

Watch Shay Michaels and Brian Davilla on Bound Jocks.

1 comment:

  1. Shay is hot studmuffin who I would love to fuck. Great job in all your scenes.


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