Monday, April 2, 2012

Will Swagger on Bound Jocks

Will Swagger is a sexy wrestling jock who is bound and gagged on Bound Jocks. His wrists wrapped in leather restraints and tied together with blue rope. A black ball gag muffles his pleas for freedom. He reaches for his hardening cock that's straining against his black singlet. The chair he's tied to rocks back and forth as he struggles. 

Somehow freed of his tight singlet, his cock is now free and he's able to reach it. The rope attached to his wrists is gradually loosened so he can reach more and more of his fuck-stick. He can finally start stroking his cock and he does. He wraps his hand snugly around the shaft and works it up and down. His cock is begging for that sweet relief. With the ability and slack to stroke it properly, he builds up his juices and unleashes a wave of baby batter over his tight, ripped body. 

Watch Will struggle against his restraints to finally reach his cock and jerk out a hot stream of cum on Bound Jocks.

1 comment:

  1. Can I fuck you will or be fucked by a hottie?


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