Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sex Gaymes added this vintage looking scene to it's site recently. In it, two baseball jocks decide to let loose in the locker room. The one in the hat forces the other guy to his knees, where he dives into the sweaty jockstrap. He sucks the beefy studs cock and plays with his nipples. They swap head, then the curly haired one rims the other guy before plunging his bat into home plate and turning the pitcher into the catcher. He gets fucked bent over the bench, then rides it - sliding butt first into home plate.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Grappler Jockstrap from Cellblock 13

Check out this hot new Grappler jockstrap from Cellblock 13! It's described as "the perfect blend of edgy fashion and fetish wear with a mesh pouch..." It's looks fucking hot. I'm definitely going to be getting myself one. Probably in blue. The pouch is stretchy with holes that let your boys breathe. So no sweaty balls to lick - even though I'm sure a lot of you are into that. They come in three colors and sexy, hair-bear Patrick makes me want a hot dom to wear these in the dungeon. Get a pair at Jockstrap Central and wear them for Jockstrap Friday!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Adi's First Gay Fuck

For his first gay onscreen experience, Randy Blue paired up Adi Hadad with the beefy, bubble-butted bottom, Nick Sterling. Nick smartly wore a Nasty Pig jockstrap to this shoot so he could get fucked in it and make me happier! You wouldn't even know it was Adi's first time with a guy. He gets very into it and aggressive. He passionately kisses Nick and fucks him good. Nick's jock-strapped ass looks incredible as always. At one point, when Adi is slamming is dick deep inside Nick, he gags the stud with his own jock. Talk about fucking hot! Watch the trailer on Randy Blue.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ginger Jocks Bondage Fun

Sexy ginger, James Jamesson, finds himself mysteriously tied up in the locker room with his lacrosse sticks as spreader bars tied to his elbows and knees. Who would do such a thing to him? He's bound and gagged and can't see any escape in sight, but here comes fellow ginger, Alex Summers, fresh from a shower. Perhaps he might be so kind as to help? Alex takes a good look at the helpless red-head and leans in. "Good, he'll untie me." James thinks, but instead, Alex just pulls off his shorts. What's he doing? He's decided to help James in his own way. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Preston Steel and Trent Atkins In "Ride It Wet"

It's another kinky scene from Lucas Raunch's Ride It Wet. In this scene the sexy, scruffy Preston Steel, in his Nasty Pig jock, takes a leak all over Trent Atkins. Both boys look mighty hot in their jocks as they play around and swap head. They drink from the tap and then spit it back at each other - because no one really wants to drink it. Preston bends over the hunky Trent and fucks him on the piss-soaked sofa. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Locker Room Jock Threeway

Marko LeBeau is always doing things he's not supposed to do. In this Next Door Buddies scene, he goes into the varsity locker room, but he isn't on the varsity team. Tyler Torro and Brec Boyd are on the varsity squad and don't take kindly to people just walking in. They've been through it before and they think Marko needs to learn a lesson. Tyler forces Marko's head into his sweaty jockstrap, then into Brec's. Soon, both boys have whipped out their dicks and fucking Marko's face with them. I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me in a locker room. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Troy Haydon Fists Tanner Wayne In the Locker Room

Troy Haydon and Tanner Wayne meet in the locker room in nothing but their jocks. Tanner also has on some red Under Armour tube socks. Damn, that's hot! Troy thinks the all-American athlete is looking pretty good too. The two start making out before Troy bury's his face in the sexy ass with Tanner spread wide, leaning against the lockers. Tanner moves over to the bench and Troy lubes up his hand. He starts sliding his tattooed arm into Tanner's butt, fisting that hungry hole on Club Inferno Dungeon.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Will Evans in his Jockstrap After a Workout

Will Evans is a hot new stud on Next Door Male; tall, dark, and sexy. Here, this muscled straight stud is doing some boxing, then slides off his shorts afterwards to show us his how sexy he looks in that black jockstrap. He's got a cute smile and a rockin' body. His dick is pretty nice too! He strips completely down and slowly works his cock until it's erupting his sticky, hot mess all over his body. 

Baseball Jock Ryan Geary

Ryan Geary makes his return to Bentley Race and this time his jock-strapped ass starts out in a little baseball gear. Well, a hat, a bat, and some shorts, but it does the trick. What's important, though, is how good that ass looks in that black jock. He slowly strips down, and this cute little red-head shows us what he's got. What he's got is a cute little butt with a light covering of blond hair. After being photographed on the roof and being watched by some girls in an office across the street, they go inside where Ryan gets out of his jockstrap and has some fun with another guy. 

Some Random Jock Shots

This is a scene from where Adam Killian gets fucked by Spencer Fox

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spencer Fox Captures Kevin Case - Bound Jocks

Spencer Fox has young Kevin Case all tied up with no place to go on Bound Jocks. He can't escape the roving hands of Spencer who feels up that smooth, skinny boy body. Spencer is a strong, sexy athletic guy who is training for the MMA, so he can do whatever he wants and keep a boy down with those bulging biceps. And what he wants is Kevin's cock! Kevin is in no position to deny Spencer who pull the jock aside and slides his warm mouth down the hardening shaft. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hot Jock of the Day

Porn star Jared Tyler's boyfriend shared this photo with me today on twitter of him in a white Timoteo jockstrap. Im working on getting a rear shot. He's looking might fine with his ripped body and bulging basket. Follow him on twitter @BigCMan and me @DirtyJockstraps. Leave a comment and tell him how much you want to see that backside.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ty Roderick Puts a Dildo in his Ass

Ty Roderick is all alone in the locker room, hanging out in his black sports socks and his gray jockstrap. What better thing to do than pull out all your dildos and start playing with your ass? I do it all the time, don't you? He's got a water bottle full of lube that he drizzles over the big toys and starts sliding them in and out of his hot, jock-strapped ass! See more from the film "Hole Busters Vol. 4" at the Club Inferno Dungeon.

Andrew Jakk in a Locker Room with a Fleshjack

Andrew Jakk is a sexy, young blond with a hot body and a gorgeous smile. Here he hangs out in the locker room for a bit in his Andrew Christian underwear. (They must have some deal with Randy Blue.) He's got a cute and firm butt, and this furry boy has a nice cock too. He peels off the underwear and hangs them in one of the lockers. Then he enjoys a well-earned jerk off with his Ice Jack. Check out the photos below and watch the video on Randy Blue.

Kevin Crows and Dominic Pacifico in Jocks on Next Door Buddies

Kevin Crows is feeling really horny home all alone. He catches the very sexy Latin stud, Dominic Pacifico, out in the garden. Dominic is working up a sweat and Kevin is getting some inspiration for something to jerk off too. Dominic catches him looking and they start flirting by touching themselves and playing with their dicks. Kevin finally waves Dominic on over. Kevin strips down to his turquoise Timoteo quake jock, making his ass pop out and look even hotter as he starts working on Dominic's fat cock with his mouth

Monday, May 7, 2012

Astroboi Selaby In Sports Kit at BentleyRace

This is Astroboi Selaby. I don't know if that's his real name. He's a 28 year old Spanish dude with a big dick. He starts off doing a solo video for Bentley Race in a soccer uniform with a jockstrap underneath. Once he pops that hot cock out, Benny boy wants in on the action. Astro is a dominant little fucker and makes Ben sniff his pits and suck his toes before he can suck the tool. He chokes down Astroboi keeps the jock on while Ben works his big dipper. Then he creates a meteor shower all over Bentley's face. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Andrew Christian Locker Room Payback Video

Payback's a Bitch

The boys of Randy Blue show us how to do a locker room hazing in their Andrew Christian jockstraps. Vegas DJ Nick Ayler plays their sexy coach, who brings in the new waterboys - Cameron Marshall, Quinn Jaxon, and Nicco Sky - and wants them to be treated right. Well, the jocks - Derek Atlas, Jake Andrews, Sean Zevran, Marcel Cruz, Brett Swanson, and Brad Barnes - have other plans. Check out some other photos and the video after the jump.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shay Turns the Tables on Brian

Oh, no! This week the tables have turned and the captive becomes the captor! 

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