Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kevin Crows and Dominic Pacifico in Jocks on Next Door Buddies

Kevin Crows is feeling really horny home all alone. He catches the very sexy Latin stud, Dominic Pacifico, out in the garden. Dominic is working up a sweat and Kevin is getting some inspiration for something to jerk off too. Dominic catches him looking and they start flirting by touching themselves and playing with their dicks. Kevin finally waves Dominic on over. Kevin strips down to his turquoise Timoteo quake jock, making his ass pop out and look even hotter as he starts working on Dominic's fat cock with his mouth
After swapping head, Kevin wants a piece of that fine, Latin booty. They don't fuck in jocks, as Kevin removes his, but it's hot while it lasts. Dominic gets his ass plowed while wearing his crew socks, for those of you that are into that. Check out the scene on Next Door Buddies.

See more hot jockstrap action on Next Door Buddies.

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