Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barebacking Jock Daddies

Rex Gravis Raw Fucks Colin Steele on Bareback That Hole

Colin Steele and Rex Gravis are two horny daddies fooling around in their jockstraps. Colin is sexier and, therefore, the bottom of the scene. He's on his hands and knees slurping on Rex's cock as the scene begins. Having slide the Nasty Pig jock down to expose that old cock and balls. They soon move into a 69, at which point the jocks begin to leave the scene. 

Hot College Boys Fuck in Jocks at the Gym

Steve Fucks Sloan's Jock-Strapped Ass on Corbin Fisher

The gym is a sexy place to be - all those buff dudes working and flexing their hot muscles, all that testosterone filling the air and driving boys wild! It's no wonder many sexual encounters take place there - in real life and reel life. Luckily for Steve and Sloan of Corbin Fisher, they find themselves in an extremely empty gym. When Steve looks over and sees Sloan's hot ass just pointing at him, he can't help but go over and slide them down. Thankfully, for us, Sloan wears a jockstrap to work out in. 

Soccer Player Stripped and Violated by Coaches

Soccer Stud Stripped and Stroked on Clothed Male, Nude Male

This soccer stud is called into the locker room and stripped down to just his red socks, yum! The premise is that not only is he stripped in front of the managers, but there are reporters in the locker room as well. They catch it all on tape as the soccer stud is fondled, fingered, and fucking humiliated. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Samuel O'Toole's Pajama Jammy Jam

Sexy Samuel O'Toole decides to have a pajama jammy jam in his basement. He invites his good buddies James Jamesson and Brody Wilder. Their pajamas consist of white, over-the-calf socks, white tank tops, and white jockstraps. It's his own version of the white party with half the drugs and twice the fun! The three start to get wild. Samuel starts out in the middle with Brody on his cock and James' cock in his mouth. They move to Brody taking both of their cocks in his mouth before they take turns slamming his ass. James is kind of a bore, but he's hot and you can't argue about how hot they look in their jammies. Plus Samuel's got one big dick that the jockstrap can barely contain.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Worshipping Rod Daily's Cock

Rod Daily is one fucking hot stud with a ripped body and buzzed head. Who could blame the cute, blond Justin Chase for accepting the invitation to go to Rod's house when they met on the bus. A note leads Justin to the basement, where he finds Rod waiting for him in just his jockstrap. Justin is a little cock sucker and automatically drops to his knees and worships Rod's cock. Justin realizes that Rod is a superior straight guy and his only purpose in life is to be his pussy boi. Rod uses his mouth like a pussy and pushes Justin's head down it. After rimming each other, Rod Daily points his cock at Justin's jock-strapped ass, and Justin can't wait for what's coming. Nobody knows where Justin is. Might Rod just keep him locked in the basement to be his little bitch for more than a night?

Tattooed Dude and Muscle Hunk Fuck in Sport Socks

Jhony C and Luck Ass are horny while working out. Jhony is a tattooed, scrawny guy with a shaved head. Luck Ass has a weird name is bulging with muscles. They are both naked except for some sport socks and sneakers when Luck starts licking Jhony's Johnson. Afterwards, Jhony fills Luck's backside and the two fuck all over the gym of Jalif Studio

Sunday, June 17, 2012

More Sebastian Keys and Will Swagger Tied Up and Fucked

I guess Sebastian Keys wasn't finished working Will Swagger over on Bound Jocks. Because here, they jock-strapped boys continue their bondage fun. Will has one leg tied straight up in the air and the other is tied to his arm. His ass perfectly framed and exposed for Sebastian to do what he wants with. But before he has his way with that ass, he needs his cock nice and lubricated first. He stuffs it down Will's throat before filling that ass for some hot jockstrap fucking. Once he blasts his man-jam all over Will, he lets the boy loose to take care of his own business. 

Conner Habib Fucks the Jock-Strapped Ass of Nathan Price

Here's a hot scene from Alpha Male Fuckers with Conner Habib and Nathan Price. The two are supposed to be working, but they can't keep their eyes off of each other. The two jocked studs start making out and tearing off the jumpsuits. What's underneath are their white jockstraps. I love that the two keep the jocks on as they move into a 69. They just do what they are supposed to with jocks and pull the pouch to the side as they slurp down those sausage sticks. Nathan pulls Conner's legs up over his head in a back-breaking position to eat Conner's sweet ass. Nathan wears his sports socks and jocks while Conner fucks him hard. Yes! This is what we love, right, boys?

Hot Jock Danny Davis

Here's a sexy, sporty jock stud. His name is Danny Davis. He's got some boxing shoes on, athletic shorts, and those uber-sexy workout gloves. Danny gives us a little show by working out and flexing his muscles before sliding down his shorts a bit. He teases us with his undies and outlining his cock in them. Once he takes them off, he reveals his hot cock.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Soccer Boy Brent Tyler

Cute little soccer boy, Brent Tyler, poses for some photos with Bentley Race. I know he's not wearing a jock or much sports gear, but he does have a soccer ball with him, so that sort of counts. He peels off his clothes and strategically uses that soccer ball to cover his man-bits. He's got a cute face and a nice, toned body. I love how he uses his Aussiebums as a little mask. He finally drops the ball and shows us what he's packing - a long, uncut piece of meat. Makes me say, "Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!" 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tied Up Jock Plays With Dildo

Sebastian Keys just can't get enough bondage. In his mesh tank top, Cellblock 13 jock, and yellow sport socks, Sebastian's arms are tied to two vertical metal poles with a dildo extending down from a horizontal one. Sebastian's legs are high in the air and he works his ass to get the toy as deep into his ass as he can. His moans are muffled through the gag tied around his mouth. It's a short, but hot scene as Sebastian jerks himself off and makes a mess all over himself on Bound Jocks.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glory Hole Jock Fuck

In a scary looking glory hole with a clown painted over the opening, somewhere you probably wouldn't want to be, a guy named Rogue Status is in his jockstrap looking for fun. Preston Steel is at the same glory hole. When Rogue's cock comes out of the clown's mouth, Preston is on his knees, ready to suck it. Rogue keeps the jockstrap on, even when Preston joins him in the room and starts eating out his hairy ass. Once he's tongued that hole until it's dripping with saliva, Preston buries his fuck-stick deep inside and fucks Rogue in his Nasty Pig jock and socks. Preston flips the bitch over and rocks his insides some more until he pulls out and creams Rogue with boy batter. Check out the fun on Fetish Force.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Twink Soccer Jock Gets A Physical

When Timothy Nixon, the cute, little soccer player pulls something,l he goes to the doctor, Martin Corvin, for some TLC. The hot, young nurse has him strip down to his jockstrap so he can perform a thorough examine.  His hands probe the twink boy's body until he determines the nature if the ailment - he didn't pull something, but he needs something pulled! Dr. Corvin releases Tim's cock from the confines of the jockstrap pouch and starts massaging it. Once it begins to respond, he decides his  mouth will be a better means of examination. Timothy is being such a good boy that the doctor decides to give him something to suck on and it ain't a lollipop! Timmy rolls over and the good doc spreads his jock-strapped cheeks apart and gives a prostate exam with his tongue. His tongue isn't quite long enough so he inserts his raw cock for better results. The jockstrap stays on for the fuck and so do the soccer socks for this hot scene on Bareback Twink!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hot Amateur Jock Submission

I've got another amateur stud who sent me his photos to post. He said he had more if I was interested. Of course, I'm interested! Wouldn't you be? He's gorgeous! So he sent them all in and here he is. This hot jock boy is Roger Knox. He does a lot of yoga, which is where he gets his hot ass from! He's a 21 year old college boy majoring in English and Spanish. Roger is bi and versatile in bed, but sadly has never fucked in a jockstrap! I hope he will change that one day and hopefully send me the pictures. He says his favorite jockstraps are Andrew Christian and Baskit, but I'm going to guess that he likes that Bike Jock a lot too. Check out his Reddit page to see some pix out of his jock.

What do you all think of Roger? Think he is deserving of that free jockstrap? Think you can do better? Show me. Sound off in the comments.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Will Swagger Tied Up and Used

The evil locker room bandit has struck again, and this time Will Swagger is left tied up in his hot new Cellblock 13 Grappler jockstrap. This crazy man is always tying up helpless jocks and leaving them until they are found and fucked by a horny stud. Maybe he thinks he's some sort of bondage cupid, pairing together boys for a hot time. In this case, Will is found by Sebastian Keys. Sebastian is wearing his boxing gear and can't help but start punching his new victim's chest and abs. Sebastian is also wearing orange knee socks and new type of jockstrap - boxer briefs with the ass cute out. He lowers them down and shoves his cock into Will's waiting mouth. Will has no choice but to let Sebastian have his way, or he'll never be unleashed from his bondage on Bound Jocks - 2012 Grabbys Award Winner for Best Fetish Site.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Cockwork Orange

The 2012 Grabbys Award winner for "Manly Man" and sexy, scruffy stud - Tom Wolfe - stars in this scene with hairy hunk, Heath Jordan. In this scene from Raging Stallion's Cockwork, the two are dressed in some very odd, yet very sexy outfits - bolo hats, orange jocks and knee pads, and black dress socks with garters. It starts out with Heath shoving his face into Tom's hairy ass and licking that hot hole. Heath turns Tom around, pulls the jockstrap aside, and swallows down his fat cock next. Tom wants Heath's ass, so he switches things up and starts loosening that hole with his tongue. He plunges his cock balls-deep into Heath until the both layer his furry stomach with their sticky loads.

New POV Humiliation Site For Paypigs

There's a hot new site out there called The Hard Order. It's POV male domination and pretty hot.  It's all about financial domination with these young hot studs. They control you, your orgasms, your thoughts, and your wallet! You have to pay for the privilege of have these guys use a worthless little whore like yourself. I'd love to find a situation like that, so any financial slaves contact me ;) 
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