Monday, June 4, 2012

Hot Amateur Jock Submission

I've got another amateur stud who sent me his photos to post. He said he had more if I was interested. Of course, I'm interested! Wouldn't you be? He's gorgeous! So he sent them all in and here he is. This hot jock boy is Roger Knox. He does a lot of yoga, which is where he gets his hot ass from! He's a 21 year old college boy majoring in English and Spanish. Roger is bi and versatile in bed, but sadly has never fucked in a jockstrap! I hope he will change that one day and hopefully send me the pictures. He says his favorite jockstraps are Andrew Christian and Baskit, but I'm going to guess that he likes that Bike Jock a lot too. Check out his Reddit page to see some pix out of his jock.

What do you all think of Roger? Think he is deserving of that free jockstrap? Think you can do better? Show me. Sound off in the comments.

What do you think of Roger? Is he hot enough for a free jockstrap?


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