Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Samuel O'Toole's Pajama Jammy Jam

Sexy Samuel O'Toole decides to have a pajama jammy jam in his basement. He invites his good buddies James Jamesson and Brody Wilder. Their pajamas consist of white, over-the-calf socks, white tank tops, and white jockstraps. It's his own version of the white party with half the drugs and twice the fun! The three start to get wild. Samuel starts out in the middle with Brody on his cock and James' cock in his mouth. They move to Brody taking both of their cocks in his mouth before they take turns slamming his ass. James is kind of a bore, but he's hot and you can't argue about how hot they look in their jammies. Plus Samuel's got one big dick that the jockstrap can barely contain.

Watch the pajama fuck party at SamuelOToole.com

1 comment:

  1. Mmmmm!!!!!!!!!! These pics are so awesome! James Jamesson and co, in extremely sexy looking white socks, with their cocks hanging out. Amazing!

    I so loved seeing James with his mouth over his friend's arse, giving it a licking. My absolute favourite picture is the sixth one down, with the blonde bloke knelt down with the toes of his sockedfeet curved, the bloke in the middle having his cock sucked.

    All in all, the best pictures I've EVER, EVER seen!! Well done. :-)


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