Monday, July 30, 2012

Hairy Construction Workers Overtime

Mmm, nice! Bearded stud, Trent Locke is in his blue jockstrap (my favorite color) and a pair of construction boots. He's just begging to be fucked going to work like that! Okay, so that's not exactly how he started his work day, but it's good that he wore his jock to work this particular day at Hairy Boyz

Construction work is a real man's job. These men get sweaty, have hairy bodies, and ripped muscles. I'd get horny working around that all day too. Trent Locke and Tom Wolfe fit those roles perfectly. Being alone at the site after work, the two can't resist each other and give in to temptation. Their lips meet in a hot, rough kiss. They practically tear each other's face off.  Tom strips off Trent's shirt to lick his chest and play with his nips. The tool belts come off and the man-tools come out. Trent graciously drops down to his knees to inhale Tom's ball scent. He skillfully works his mouth over that fat cock too.

After burying his face deep into Trent's hairy ass, and licking and fingering it, Tom rips off Trent's jock. He doesn't want anything in the way for what's coming next. It's pretty damn hot that they leave their boots on as Tom starts nailing Trent. Tom reaches around and pinches Trent's nipples, making him moan with the double sensation of fucking and pinching. Trent's sexy ass would be better with the jock still around it, but it's tight enough to squeeze around Tom's hammer. He masterfully milks it as he rides the rod, bringing Tom - and the scene - to a climax. That's my kind of overtime. 

Watch these bearded muscle hunks get their fuck on at Hairy Boyz. Trent and Tom are not to be missed. They are macho personified. Tom, after all, was the Grabby Award winner for Manly Man. 

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