Friday, August 31, 2012

Speedo Boys Fuck By The Pool

If the Olympics made you as horny for hot boys in speedos as they have me, then you're in luck! The boys of High Octane have this incredibly hot scene for you to enjoy. Julian Vincenzo and Rod Stevens have been swimming plenty of laps, now it's time to relax and have some fun. Julian takes a breather and sits on the ledge of the pool. Rod swims up to him and starts rubbing him. No words need to be spoken, they've done it before, and they'll do this again. It's part of the swimmer's training program. A hot, poolside fuck with swimmer's in Speedos.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Straight Boy Barebacked in his Jockstrap

Travis Cooper is a young, straight boy barebacking his way into the porn biz. In order to hit the big leagues, he knows he has to get with the program and start taking some cock up the butt. So, SD Boy got him bend over and take his first dick. Thankfully, this blond, scruffy boy was smart enough to do that in a jockstrap. For that, we thank you. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jon Saunders in Nike Sportswear

Jon Saunders is a sexy, blond breeder. He's appeared on a few of the European sites, notably English Lads where he's jerked off and shoved a dildo up his arse. Here, he gets all jocked up in a tight Nike sleeveless shirt, shorts, and workout gloves. He's ready to pump so iron at Picture This Studios

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paddy O'Brian Tied Up In His Jockstrap

The gorgeous UK straight boy, Paddy O'Brian, is an international sensation who started with just solo scenes. He gradually increased to get blow jobs, then finally started fucking guys and doesn't show signs of slowing down. He's even crossing over into the world of kink. He wore some leather and rubber for a scene on UK Naked Men, now he's tied up in a jockstrap on Bound Jocks, and I couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Antonio Manero the Italian Stallion Jockstrap Lover

Antonio Manero was recently discovered by Jake Jaxson of Cocky Boys. He's an Italian twink boy with a serious underwear and jockstrap fetish. He brought all of his sexiest pairs with him for the video and has some stories to tell. He's a total bottom boy that loves getting fucked in a jockstrap. He loves getting fucked period, but if a pair of underwear has any sort of hole or slit in the back, you can bet he'll be wearing them as a hot cock slides in and out of his boy-hole. 

Wrestling Jocks Play in Singlets

Rick McCoy is back at Next Door Buddies to wrestle his buddy Tyler Torro. Both straight hunks put on their tight, spandex/Lycra singlets and hit the mat. Ginger boy McCoy is in the blue and tattooed Tyler in the red. Their hard muscles flex and pop as they struggle to take the other down. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

In the Dungeon with Troy Daniels and Spencer Reed

Spencer Reed sits in his leather jockstrap and harness. He lights up his cigarette and takes a puff. He's relaxing after just having busted Randall O'Reilly's hole. But there's no rest for a Hole Buster in the Club Inferno Dungeon. One of my new favorite porn hotties, Troy Daniels, makes his presence known and isn't going to let Spencer rest. He has a hungry hole and Master Spencer is going to fill it. Spencer puts his cigarette out on Troy's boot, and orders him to his knees.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympic Judo Champion Ashley McKenzie Naked Ass

This hot and sexy Olympian from the London 2012 games was caught naked at a weigh-in. Someone snapped a picture of his sexy ass and now it's posted on Rugger Bugger. There's also these hot pictures of him in action. Ashley McKenzie is judo master who has won the British Open and a World Cup winner.  Unfortunately, he can't say he's an Olympic medal winner for the UK. 

Chris Tyler and Ryan Evans Wrestle in Jockstraps

Chris Tyler and Ryan Evans run into each other in the locker room, and like best frenemies they start hurling insults at each other. Ryan, the bigger, muscular one brags about beating Chris the last time they wrestled, and makes fun of Chris for sucking dick. Well, them's fightin' words, and the rematch is on at Str8 To Gay.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Red Jock v. Blue Jock

It's red jock v. blue jock in this hot scene from Bentley Race and neither one comes off! For ginger Nick Savage's first porn shoot, he paired up with his buddy Ryan Anderson. The two boys immediately start having some fun. They strip down to their jockstraps and get to making out. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Jockstrap by Jack Adams - Ranger X

Hot, beefy muscle daddy, Chris shows us his stuff in this new jockstrap from Jack Adams called Ranger X. Kind of makes him sound like a superhero. With that hard body, Chris can surely fill out some tights as nicely as he can fill out this jockstrap. 

Troy Daniels and Tate Ryder Get Down in Jockstraps

It starts with a kiss. Two lips pressing against each other, and a spark is ignited. One kiss leads to two, and soon, Troy Daniels and Tate Ryder are making out in their jockstraps in this scene from Hot House's latest film Kiss, Lick, Suck, Fuck - straight and to the point. Troy Daniels is one gorgeous hunk. I would be kissing him in my jockstrap all day. Let's not forget that they are also wearing over-the-calf socks with the three ring stripes around the top, and we have a hot outfit made for fucking!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baseball Jocks in the Locker Room

Here's a little vintage porn scene recently showcased on Sex Gaymes. Two hot baseball players are benched and sent to the locker room for the rest of the game. I'm not sure what position the play on the field, but in here they practice their pitching and catching. One of the jocks goes down on the other. He starts licking the guy's cock over the jockstrap. He's not wearing a cup, that may be why he was benched. Full-on cock sucking soon is underway.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Levi Hamil - Black Dancer in his Jock

Levi Hamil is a sexy, chocolate dancer from DC. He's got that long, lean dancer's body, and something else that's long. Tightly packaged in that Timoteo jockstrap is a massive piece of meat. He poses for the camera, and shows us what he's packing on Bentley Race. Along with the jock, he puts on a pair of white soccer socks for that extra athletic look. Once he pulls the pouch to the side, out falls that Hershey bar. He pumps it up to full-mast to give us the full effect of that tool. Check out all the hot photos after the jump. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Sexiest Swimmer Nathan Adrian Wins 100m Freestyle

The super hot swimmer, Nathan Adrian won Olympic Gold today in the 100m freestyle by just 1/100th of a second. If you're like me, you think this tall, toned jock with the infectious smile is the hottest on the US Swim Team, though, there are many. He just beats them out by 1/100th of a hotness point. Maybe 2/100ths. Either way, here's some photos of him after his greatest race of the 2012 London Olympics and some other sexy photos of him. Too bad they don't wear those tiny Speedos to swim anymore. Enjoy!

Troy Daniels' Pack Attack

It's time for another hot bottom to get used and abused by 5 macho men. Pack Attack from Hot House is back with it's 7th installment, and Troy Daniels is the lucky pig bottom. Troy gets delivered to our tank top wearing rough studs, and they're happy with their purchase. Like little kids on Christmas Day, they take their town out of it's wrapping and start to play with it. They get Troy on all fours, with his legs spread wide, ass framed by the yellow jockstrap, and begin their inspection.
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