Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jon Saunders in Nike Sportswear

Jon Saunders is a sexy, blond breeder. He's appeared on a few of the European sites, notably English Lads where he's jerked off and shoved a dildo up his arse. Here, he gets all jocked up in a tight Nike sleeveless shirt, shorts, and workout gloves. He's ready to pump so iron at Picture This Studios

After pumping said iron, and working those gorgeous muscles, Jon heads back into the locker room to change. He strips off those black athletic shorts, revealing his white Nike compression shorts underneath. Damn, he looks good. He teases us by lowering the compression shorts and showing us his ass. 

Instead, the shirt comes off first, and he starts to rub his hardening cock over the shorts. His cock beautifully outlined in the athletic gear. This is my kind of sport. I love the look of his gloved hand roaming over his body. 

The shorts come all the way off, and Jon Saunders is naked in the locker room. Still wearing the fingerless gloves, he plays with his half-hard cock. His sexy, hard body makes me want to work up a sweat. 

Check out over 200 photos of the stunning, sporty Jon Saunders on Picture This Studios where you can see the full monty. 

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