Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympic Judo Champion Ashley McKenzie Naked Ass

This hot and sexy Olympian from the London 2012 games was caught naked at a weigh-in. Someone snapped a picture of his sexy ass and now it's posted on Rugger Bugger. There's also these hot pictures of him in action. Ashley McKenzie is judo master who has won the British Open and a World Cup winner.  Unfortunately, he can't say he's an Olympic medal winner for the UK. 

Ashley has a checkered past filled with drunken brawls and time in a young offender's institution. I'm sure those bedroom eyes and sexy smirk that he displays above got him out of most trouble. Who could say no to a face like that? Or a body like that? Or an ass like that. This judo jock is smokin'!  

Maybe we'll see Ashley McKenzie in Rio in 4 years, and get some more naked photos. Until then, enjoy these and check out the rest on Rugger Bugger

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