Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Three-Balled Basketball Player Gets Fucked in Jockstrap

Nikko Alexander, who is now known as Chris Tyler, is in the locker room after the game, about to have a relaxing shower in his jockstrap, when Christian Wilde comes in and his ticked off. Tri-ball was supposed to pass the ball to him, not go for a three pointer!  Now they lost the game, and Christian is pissed. They practice the play for weeks! What kind of nickname does Nikko have if he can't even hit a three pointer? In the midst of their argument, Nikko reveals that his nickname has nothing to do with basketball - he has three testicles! That really fills out his jockstrap on Hot Jocks, Nice Cocks

Christian doesn't believe his teammate, but Nikko shows him and counts them out for him. This turns Christian on, especially when he finds out how one ball disappears when Nikko shoots his load. He wants to see that for himself. He pulls Nikko closer by the towel around his neck, and the passionate anger turns into passionate lust as they start to kiss.

Nikko soon falls to his knees, and pulls Christian's cock out the side of the jockstrap. He puts his mouth over it and slides his lips down the shaft. Nikko sucks down every inch of Christian's long, hard cock. Christian lays him on the bench, and hungrily swallows down Nikko's cock and jacks it hard. He really wants to see that nut disappear!

Nikko talks like a tough top, but in actuality he's a hungry bottom. He gets on all fours and Christian starts loosening up that jockstrapped ass with his fingers. Always a hot site! When Christian slowly starts nailing Nikko, he moans incredibly. He loves getting his ass pounding. The jocks fuck in their black jockstraps and that's the way it should be! Christian wants Nikko to ride him, and he does, grinding their jocks together. Nikko still vocal as ever, loving the sensation of his teammate fucking him. 

Nikko wants to get fucked on his back for the final quarter of this game. He gets on the bench and Christian continues his slow, methodical fuck. His dick is so long he doesn't want to force it deep into anybody, which is a shame. 

 Christian can't hold back, so he pulls out and shoots jets of cum that rain down on Nikko, and he ends up getting that shower Christian made him miss in the first place. Nikko jerks his uncut cock and  sends gobs of cum onto his jockstrap, forever ingraining it with the memory of this hot locker room fuck in jockstraps on Hot Jocks, Nice Cocks.

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