Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tibor Wolfe Spit Roasted and DP-ed in His Jockstrap

The Titan Men are strong, muscle studs, who play aggressively. They're hairy, muscular and HOT! They can take anything. In this scene from In Deep, Tibor Wolfe takes the large cocks of blond stud Christopher Daniels and sexy daddy David Anthony. 

Christopher is in a bind. He can't pay the invoice, but he needs his order from the warehouse. Maybe there's something he can do tor David Anthony to reduce the bill? Of course, there is! This is porn! And we all know how you pay a bill in porn. David pulls out his cock and orders Chris to his knees.

Christopher worships David's mighty meat and the saliva drips down his dick. Tibor Wolfe spots the two from another part of the warehouse and joins the duo. David slides down Tibor's pants and pulls his cock out of its jockstrap encasement. It disappears deep down David's gullet. Chris then takes turns choking down each stud's shaft. 

They get Tibor on all fours and prep that jockstrapped ass for entrance. David slides his tongue deep into that hole while Tibor services Christopher. The bearded blond gets behind Tibor, grabs the jockstrap, and then plows the tattooed stud's tush. David stands behind the top and Chris jerks his cock until David feeds it to Tibor. 

Tibor straddles David and rides his coworkers fat cock. Christopher's tool soon joins in and the two are double penetrating the booted bottom. Tibor begs for the pounding as Christopher's balls slap agains David's and the both stretch Tibor's hole. In the end, David gets Tibor on his back as Chris slides in and out of his mouth until they are all busting out their loads on Titan Men.

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