Monday, November 19, 2012

A Jockstrapped Massage Leads to Sex

George Glass has had a long and stressful week and his muscles are sore. He needs a nice relaxing massage so he calls up Caleb Colton on Dirty Tony. George lays on his stomach, and Caleb straddles his ass and starts to rub those tired muscles. George's ass needs rubbing too. He was smart enough to wear a jockstrap, turning Caleb on. He rubs George's glutes and can't keep from diving his tongue deep into that hole. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two Black Studs Take a White Boy's Jockstrapped Ass

Cody Kyler loves him some big black dick and wants some for his birthday! Luckily for him, he met two chocolate studs by the names of Mr. Saukei and Tyson. They convince Cody to go back to their place so they can tap his sweet white-boy ass. When he gets there, they strip him down to his jockstrap and start to open up his hole. Tyson is a hot thug boy and he gives it to Colby good - really slaying that ass. The boys tag team Colby's jockstrapped ass. He's the creme filling in an oreo sandwich as he sucks one black stud as he's fucked by the other on Mix It Up Boy.

Monday, November 12, 2012

William Tudor Rugby Twink Jock

William Tudor is an Australian lad with a twink build and a big uncut cock. Since there's not much of a porn scene in Australia, a lot of the boys end up on Bentley Race to show off their stuff. Since the boys there are almost always in jocks and sports gear, William put on his best rugby kit and started posing for the photos. His sexy bubble butt filled out his white jockstrap very nicely and got Ben's cock throbbing. It was long before Bentley joined in on the fun and made a video with this 26 year old stud where the two swapped head and William sprayed an enormous load all over Bentley Race. What a lucky man.

Monday, November 5, 2012

JR Bronson Searches for Dirty Jockstraps

JR Bronson is a dirty little pig boy. He's online chatting to Landon Conrad and mentions that he's looking for what he's always looking for - a dirty jockstrap to sniff and suck on. He's into sweat, smelly feet, and domination! He's about to get all that he's asked for in t his scene from Drill My Hole.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gingers' Jockstrap Fuck

Two red-headed sluts go at it in their jockstraps on Men Over 30. Steven Ponce and Brian Bonds are celebrating their new apartment by drinking some champagne. The two gingers start making out, then strip down to their skivvies. Steven starts licking over the pouch of Brian's jockstrap, getting Brian rock hard.  He moves it to the side and takes the cock down to it's fiery base. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dirk Caber Punishes Player Dean Monroe

After he caused the team to lose the game last week, Coach Dirk Caber warned Dean Monroe that there would be consequences if he didn't step up his game. Well, Dean fucked up again and coach knew it was time to teach him that lesson. After the game, Dean was told to stick around. Once the locker room was empty, Dirk ripped into Dean and stripped him of his uniform. Dean tried to fight off his coach, but Dirk was too strong. He grabbed Dean from behind and tied him up, dragging him to a weight bench in nothing but his jockstrap on Bound Jocks
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