Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gingers' Jockstrap Fuck

Two red-headed sluts go at it in their jockstraps on Men Over 30. Steven Ponce and Brian Bonds are celebrating their new apartment by drinking some champagne. The two gingers start making out, then strip down to their skivvies. Steven starts licking over the pouch of Brian's jockstrap, getting Brian rock hard.  He moves it to the side and takes the cock down to it's fiery base. 

After the magnificent blow job from his boyfriend, Brian gives Steve's toes a good lick and sucking. They move into a sixty-nine position so they can both take a ginger cock into their bearded mouths. Steven gets Brian on all fours so he can start eating out that jockstrap-framed ass.

Steven Ponce gets on and rides Brian Bonds's hard cock reverse cowgirl style. He slides his ass up and down that big boner until he it's balls-deep in him - moaning all the way. He loves the feeling of his prostate getting rubbed and it makes him want to explode. He doesn't yet. Brian gets his bitch on his side so he can start thrusting his cock hard and deep into his boy. Brian knows how to fuck with the jockstrap pulled to the side. He's not a little pussy who has to pull it off.

Both ginger boys empty their balls all over Steven's ponch. Brian squeezes out every last drop and gives his boy a kiss as his seed soaks into Steven's matted body hair. That's the way to celebrate and Christen their new home. Here's to many more jockstrap fucks between Steven Ponce and Brian Bonds on Men Over 30.

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