Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jock Daddy Pig

This hot muscle jock daddy is showing off the latest sports appearal from Nasty Pig that's now available on Jockstrap Central. He's a hairy beast, rough and sexy looking. I'd love him to wrestle me down, strip down to his jock and slam my backside. He's so big, like a football player. His package fills out the Nasty Pig jock and it frames his muscle bear ass to perfection. Check out all the photos after the jump.
Woof! Come and dominate me, you sexy animal! If I saw him at the bar, I'd drop to my knees and sniff his balls thru that jockstrap. He'd force my head further into his crotch. Then he'd probably turned around and I'd stick my tongue deep into that jockstrapped ass.


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