Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cage Fighter Hunk in Jockstrap

Jamie West

This fighter is so hot, he makes me work up a sweat! That's exactly what he did during an intensive training he had in preparation for his upcoming cage match. He kicked ass on the gym floor, but now it was time to head into the locker room and get out of those clothes. Jaime West strips down to his black jockstrap and shows us his ripped, lean body. Eventually, his cock must be freed and played with. Come inside and see Jaime West strip down.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hot New Jock Boy at Randy Blue

Kurtis Wolfe


Kurtis Wolfe is the latest stud to join the Randy Blue stable of hot jock boys. This boys banging body just had to give us a bit of show in the gym where he pumps those muscles and gets the blood flowing. He works up a bit of sweat, so, naturally he has to shed some of those over-rated clothes. He reveals his yellow Nasty Pig jockstrap underneath, and you can see his growing bulge already. Someone's excited to be here!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sex in Jockstraps, Knee Pads, and Bowler Hats

Marc Dylan and D.O.

Sexy, buff bodied hunk Marc Dylan looks fetching in his black shoes, socks, hat, and orange knee pads and jockstrap. I love the garter holding up the dress socks too. In this scene from Raging Stallion film Cockwork. DO starts by burying his face into Marc's delicious, round bubble butt before making him choke on that big fucking dick!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Football Fuckdown 2

Duncan Black, Rod Daily, and Colby Jansen

Coach Colby Jansen really has an eye for talented young hunks. Seeing something special in them, he has them join the football team much to the chagrin of the other players. What can Duncan Black bring to the team as a scrawny little glee clubber? Tattooed hunk, Rod Daily, is about to find out in Football Fuckdown 2 from Men.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fucked in Jockstrap by Suited Stud

Scott Hunter and Jessy Ares

Nothing like a musky locker room full of naked men to really get a guy going. Walking in there after his workout always puts Scott Hunter in a frisky mood. Of course, an insatiable bottom like him is always in the mood. Especially when he spots a hot piece of fresh meat like Jessy Ares toweling off to start this from Men At Play

Wrestler Wrangled Up

Doug Acre Tied by Coach Alexander Garrett

Doug Acre just wanted to practice his wrestling so he could make state champion for his college. He didn't know that his coach had other plans for him. Plans that included his legs being tied up and spread apart. Now he's pinned to the mat and exposed on Bound Jocks.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

French Twink and his Thigh High Socks

Tim Loux In Jockstrap

The young, French twink poses in his diesel jockstrap for Bentley Race. He was vacationing in Australia, and, lucky for him, Bentley has a think for European bottom boys. Tim Loux had no problem showing off his delectable ass to Ben and dropped his shorts upon arrival.

JR Bronson Can't Stop Playing With His Ass

JR Bronson is home all alone and in his jockstrap. He loves to wear it around the house when his roommates are gone. It feels so good against his skin and when he sits on the furniture. There's nothing like a relaxing day alone when you can just lay around and take care of yourself for Colt Studios.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Relief on the Rocks

Adam Hardy in a Jockstrap

This muscular, young stud relaxes on the beach in his jockstrap. He takes in the warm summer sun and enjoys the beautiful ocean breeze. He can't help but be turned on as his ass presses against the sand. His hand slides underneath his waste band and he starts to massage his growing cock.

Football Fuckdown - Being the Team's Bitch

Johnny Rapid Joins the Football Team

Johnny Rapid isn't your typical football jock. He's scrawny and throws like a girl. But Coach Colby Jansen sees something in him that will make him a star on the team. Ryan Rockford isn't too sure and not happy about a pip squeak like Johnny being on the varsity team. He's about to find out just what's so special about him. Will the Big Dicks at School let Johnny stay on the team?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bound Jock Hunk Gets His Hole Played With

Who's this hot stud with his ba-dunk-a-dunk hanging out of a jockstrap? It's JR Bronson, and he's in for a good time tonight!

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