Friday, August 16, 2013

Hot New Jock Boy at Randy Blue

Kurtis Wolfe


Kurtis Wolfe is the latest stud to join the Randy Blue stable of hot jock boys. This boys banging body just had to give us a bit of show in the gym where he pumps those muscles and gets the blood flowing. He works up a bit of sweat, so, naturally he has to shed some of those over-rated clothes. He reveals his yellow Nasty Pig jockstrap underneath, and you can see his growing bulge already. Someone's excited to be here!

"Nasty Pig" describes Kurtis accurately. He turns around and gives us a good look at his sweet ass framed perfectly by the jockstrap. Then he leans over some dumbbells and shows his tight little hole. His finger swirls around it as he tempts us and makes us wanna slam a cock in and grab a hold of the waist band for a hot jockstrap fucking!

He lowers his jock and takes his long cock in his hand. Slowly, he starts jerking it. He brings the jockstrap up to his nose and takes a deep inhale of his musky scent, making him jerk faster. He sits down and lifts his legs in the air, spreading them wide. This bottoms hole is aching to be filled. He gives his finger a long lick and starts to play with his hole.

One hand jerking his shaft, the other tickling his hole, and a dirty jockstrap that he can still smell turn this hot, muscle jock into a sight to behold. He's soon spurting his seed over his stomach in thick streams, giving us a taste of what it'll be lick when he's actually being dicked by a hot dude. Check out this dirty jock boy on Randy Blue.

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