Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wrestler Boys

Sexy, tattooed Canadian stud - Pierre Fitch - invited his twink buddy Brian Ty over for a little wrestling match. The jocks put on their spandex singlets and hit the mat. Or actually the hardwood floor. You can't expect to play with Pierre Fitch and not have things get sexual, though. Pierre makes sure to grab, spank, and grind Brian at every opportunity.

Pierre pins Brian down and gives him a deep kiss. During another pin, he grinds his crotch in the cute boy's face. Eventually, Pierre pops his cock out through the leg of the singlet so Brian can be a good little boy and suck it. So fucking hot that the singlet stays on. 

Eventually, though, the singlets must come off. After sucking Pierre's fat cock some more, Brian bends over and takes it up the ass. I love the photo below of Pierre wrapping the singlet around Brian's face and holding onto it as he plows deep into that boy hole. Fucking hot! Pierre Fitch is a power top and drills deep.

Check out Pierre Fitch fucking Brian Ty and these jock boys messing around in their singlets on Pierre Fitch's site. Watch him pound a bunch of other boys too.

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