Friday, March 21, 2014

Brutal Tops Fun with a Soccer Fan

Soccer Jocks Force Fuck a Fan

Sometimes, when you are an obsessed soccer fan, it's best not to say that you'll do anything to meet your favorite players. Sometimes those players are Brutal Tops who want to get freak nasty with you!  Particularly when those players are Toby and Derek, who love making a hot sports fan their little bitch. This fan is going to do anything and everything for his favorite soccer players. Once they were alone with him in the locker room, he thought he was going to have a drink with the team, but they had something special planned. It involved beating his ass, pissing on him, and force fucking the poor fan

Watch the hot soccer jocks force a fan to worship them on Brutal Tops.


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  2. GOD, yes!! I'd love to be fucked so hard and brutal, like these guys are. To be stripped naked, then pinned against a wall, and forced to drink someone's pee would also be so great! Pic no. 6 is the best.


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